About Us

About Us

“We strongly believe that Lebanon cannot rise from its crises, only with the support of education that provides the future generations with jobs that opens new horizons for society building.”

Najib Mikati

1. The story of Azm & Saade
In April 1988, the Mikati brothers Taha and Najib founded the association of Azm w Saade (AWS) following their parents’ philanthropic values Hajj Azmi Taha MiKati and Hajjah Souad Abdullah Ghandour. The Azm W Saade helps to support important humanitarian, developmental, educational, and social initiatives that serve the community and strengthen the social role of the individual on all levels by developing their knowledge and skills.
2. Our Vision
To re-integrate marginalized communities in the socio-economic well-being map of Lebanon.
3. Our Mission
The AWS mission is to contribute to the process of developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes and resources of the individual that the community needs to adapt to enhance their participation in the society, to become an active player in the development of the society and to consolidate the principles of community participation and volunteer work among youth especially through:
– Developing programs for the rehabilitation and empowerment of different age groups in society
– Providing life services (health, education, social)
– Organizing training programs and income-generating projects
– Rehabilitation and restoration of buildings and streets to preserve the heritage
4. Our Goals
The AWS aims to:
– Provide socio-economical services that ease the suffering of the local community in Tripoli in particular and the North in general, and developing the capacities of youth and women and the establishment of safe public places.
– Restoration and rehabilitation of streets to achieve a typical residential city.
– Restoration and rehabilitation of public schools to ensure the health and life of students and provide a conducive environment to study.
– Supporting the vocational education through the Azm institute.
– Establishing developmental projects that contribute to reduce youth unemployment
– Cooperation with the official and competent authorities in the city to achieve the AWS goals that serve the people of the North.

Azm & Saade Association

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