The Social Sector

The Social


Empowerment and social training

Since its launching, AWS has sought to provide care and awareness to the community at various social and humanitarian levels. The total number of social services in Lebanon reached 1,500,000, of which more than 1,300,000 are in the North. The social work map is distributed through three sectors

Kalamoun Center


Daheir Megher Center


Mina Center


The Social Sector

Azm & Saade Association


Tripoli & Mina







Azm Saade

Departments in the social sector :

Department of Social Welfare

This department provides many types of assistance including in-kind and financial assistance to the families and individuals in need such as but not limited to the elderly, the disabled, widows, divorcees and people with special needs. Programs and proffers in the social sector are in line with the vision and aspirations of the AWS which aims to bring positive changes into people’s life.

Department of Survey & Evaluation

This department is responsible for providing field studies on the situation of families and their needs at all levels (economic, social, health and educational) which it has to meet the criteria that classify the degree of need of each family also the set criteria includes unsatisfied basic needs such as housing, social security, health, education and food.

Department of Human Development & Sustainability

This department seeks to develop the knowledge of individuals and enhance their behavioral abilities in accordance with scientific methods especially for children, adolescents and mothers.