The Educational Sector

The Educational


Forty thousand educational scholarships

The educational unit at the AWS provides educational grants, loans, adult literacy courses and programs for students with learning difficulties. Adult literacy courses are organized under the supervision of experienced specialists. To date, the AWS has contributed to the education of 13,000 university students and 8,000 students in various schools in Lebanon.

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Educational Services :

School Support Program for Intermediate and Secondary Diploma Students

The School Support Program aims to strengthen the capacity of students of the intermediate and secondary diploma with its three branches: General Sciences, Life Sciences, Sociology and Economics in public schools in Tripoli and the North. This year program is targeting public schools in Tripoli, Mina, Dhinniya and Akkar. The program is supervised by qualified and experienced teachers and till this date 14,000 students have participated in the course.

Al Azm Center for Biotechnology Research for Postgraduate Studies

The center was established in Tripoli in 2006, in cooperation with the Lebanese University through the provision of the AWS in which full equipment was provided for the Center. The Center provided 12 PhD grants over 12 years to promote scientific research in the city. Up to date 24 trainers and 45 research professors have participated in 150 international conferences, six of which were held in Tripoli, and published more than 400 scientific papers in international journals.

Technical Institutes

It offers LT – TS – BT – BP with more than 1,000 students, and the number of enrollment is expected to increase in the upcoming years.